Department of History
405 Hilgard
University of California, Los Angeles


Curriculum Vitae


Hubei Agricultural College 1984
Nanjing Agriculutral University, master 1990
Wageningen Agricultural University, visiting scholar 1996
Leiden University, visiting scholar 1997
University of California, Los Angeles, graduate 1998-


Agrotechnician, Agrotechnical station of Taohua township, Shishou, Hubei
Stationmaster, Agrotechnical station of Dongsheng township, Shishou, Hubei
Associate professor and deputy dean, Institute of Agricultural History, Nanjing Agricultural University




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3. "The localized characteristics of the development of agroeconomy on the Jianghan Plain in the Ming-Qing period", Agricultural History of China (Nanjing), 1992.2

4. "On the paradox of 'Zhongben Yimo'", Agricultual Archaeology (Nanchang), 1993.1

5. Agriculture in the Republic of China (1912-1949) (co-author), Jiangsu Wenshi Chubanshe (Najing), 1993

6. "Some problems of the study of flood and waterlogging calamities on the Jianghan Plain in middle and late Qing", Agricultural History of China (Nanjing), 1993.3

7. Compound agriculture in China (contributor), Jiangsu Keji Chubanshe (Nanjing), 1993

8. "The relationship between agricultural development businessmen's activities and township's prosperity on the Jianghan Plain in 1368-1911", Agricultural History of China (Nanjing), 1995.4

9. The movement of the earth--agriculture in ancient China (co-author), People's Daily Press (Beijing), 1995

10. "From 'Suhushu,Tianxiazu' to 'Huguangshu, Tianxiazu': a comparision bewteen the middle Yangzi plain and the Yangzi delta", Agricultural History of China (Nanjing), 1996.3

Research background and current interest


I plan to focus on the rural history of the Jianghan Plain, in the middle of Hubei, in the past six centuries to write a Ph.D. dissertation. I chose this topic based on my personal experience. I grew up in a rural family on the Jianghan Plain. I finished my undergraduate education in an agricultural college. There I received my training in agricultural science and technology. After graduated, I workded as an agriculutral technician in two township's agrotechnical stations for three years. My knowledge of agronomy and my firsthand rural experience gave me a strong foundation for my later academic research.

When I have an opportunity to enter the graduate program of agricultural history at Nanjing Agricultural University in 1987, I chose the development of the rural economy of the Jianghan Plain in the Ming-Qing period as the subject of my MA thesis. Taking advantage of the rich sources available to me, such as local gazetteers, as well as of my own experience, my thesis was a satisfactory success. Depending on this success and my publication, I won a fellowship from the Chinese government and studied the rural history of Western Europe in Holland for one year. I hope that my personal experience and the academic training of UCLA will help me to accomplish an outstanding Ph.D. dissertation.

I come to UCLA because there is a very strong and influential group of faculty of Chinese studies here, especially Philip Huang, the founder and former director of Center for Chinese Studies CCS . He acts as my principle advisor.

Beyond study


Historical research based on extensive reading, but please do not simply equal me to a bookworm. I also participate in such outdoor activities as travelling and sports. I have travelled around half of China and some European countries. For example, I took the following picture in Rove Musuem, Pairs. I also enjoying myself in jogging, ball games, and bodybuilding if I have time.

Should you have any ideas, comments on (or beyond) my research or my webpage, please feel free to e-mail me.